I’m sure it’s been said before, but wow, DD1 is easily the best stream game I’ve ever played! I decided to flex my horror writing skills today and put together a tale based on my party's delves... enjoy!

2022.01.25 16:16 Cyben_X I’m sure it’s been said before, but wow, DD1 is easily the best stream game I’ve ever played! I decided to flex my horror writing skills today and put together a tale based on my party's delves... enjoy!

I started streaming the game on my Twitch late last week and was floundering a bit, not quite sure what to do or where to go. The game wasn’t very high energy, I wasn’t picking up on the strategies or playstyles, and honestly, I wasn’t sure if I’d want to do another stream on the game.
That all changed last night.
I went in and gave the game another shot on stream after loading it up with a handful of quality-of-life mods that a friend sent me; you know, faster walking, longer character names, and all that. I thought that it would make the game a bit faster and more engaging to watch for my audience.
So I did the obvious thing and started naming some of the heroes after audience members. This led to an incredibly intense night, with heroes living up to their names and struggling through high stakes dungeons, only scraping by despite my efforts at preparation. I thought it would be fun to channel my excitement into a fun writing project, so here’s my rendition of Their Story.
Vivers sat in silence in the meditation hall of the Abbey. She wasn’t a religious type, in fact, she despised the practice: instead, she often used the quiet to think of her wife Valcora back home. The plague doctor let out a long, exhausted sigh and held her still-trembling hands up to the faint moonlight shining through the stained glass window next to her. The night had been long, and it’s events had taken their toll; that’s why she was locked in this room, after all. “Take a rest”, the shadowy figure had said. They were the one calling the shots, Vivers had figured out that much. It matters not, though, she thought. She wouldn’t be going home until the job was done, just as she had promised her dear wife.
She slumped against the wall under the dusty window that somehow looked older than the building itself. There’s clearly been some renovations done to the Abbey, as the stones that made up the walls seemed new, sturdier than they were the last time she’d visited.
As Vivers tired gaze landed on a jagged, chipped stone jutting out from the opposite wall, her mind wandered to the events of days past. First there’d been that strapping group that arrived in the night, flaunting titles and shiny new armor, and led by a strange leper who called himself “The Chimera”- the group seemed more capable than most, but when they didn’t return from their first delve, it became clear that experience in the outside world wouldn’t give an advantage against the horrors of those catacombs. The newest Houndmaster (a prince, if he was to be believed), returned from an expedition carrying The Chimera’s mask, partly melted by a strage, gooey substance. Another strange leper, this one going by the title Pizza Rolls, returned alongside the Prince with a pack full of never-before-seen appendages, rended from some otherworldly creature. Vivers had felt sharp twinges of pain against her mind the first time she gazed upon the severed tentacles; she still shuddered at the thought of their scaly, shifting skin…
The plague doctor let out a breath she didn’t realize she’d been holding, fogging up her mask’s ocular lenses and snapping her back to reality. The Abbey’s meditation hall was eerily quiet, so much so that even her gasp echoed like a scream. She regretted letting her mind wander too much, forcing her to relive the mind bending horrors of the past week. Deep down, Vivers worried that perhaps they’d broken her in some way, that she’d seen something beyond the veil and taken another step towards madness. She’d seen it happen before- the previous day an occultist, a mystic with eyes haunted beyond his years, stumbled out of the cove babbling on and on about worms bulging from beneath his skin… maybe the next time she saw Valcora she’d be much the same, not even sane enough to remember her dear lover…
No, there it was again: those aberrant thoughts of darker things. Keep yourself together, Vivers thought to herself. She wouldn’t end up like the Mystic, she couldn’t. She’d work with the blacksmith… yes, she’d inoculate herself, a scientific protection from the twisting ills of the mind!
She reached into her pocket to pull out her trusty syringe, full of a calming concoction she’d created with the help of the guild and the blacksmith. Right at that moment, though, her hands seized, still wrought with tremors, and the syringe fell to the ground, shattering and spilling its panacea on the newly renovated stone floor.
No matter, she thought. She could make a new one in a few hours time, when that damned door was unlocked and she could finally leave the haunting halls of the Abbey. Vivers sat back once more, making a conscious effort to control her fragile psyche and meditate on some of the brighter moments she’d had since arriving.
She’d found an unexpected kinship with other lost souls, especially taking a liking to the feeble Tuesday, a cleric whose faith was wavering by the day. Where had she ended up, Vivers wondered, after that last delve…
Then, it all came rushing back. The two had been roped into an especially treacherous expedition by the leper Pizza Rolls and Ducky, a man-at-arms who’s size more than made up for his diminutive name. The set into the Cove at dawn, fully rested with packs laden with supplies.
It had surprised her, later, when the leper produced a roll of camping equipment from his pack- how long had they been down there? Hours? Days? The battles hadn’t been especially harrowing; in fact, the four made quite a good team, with Tuesday and Vivers stunning the ghouls while the two powerhouses cut the beasts down in short order.
The two women sat together, watching as Ducky, sat opposite the burning fire, pulled a map out of his pack and shared a solemn, knowing glance with Pizza Rolls as they examined the page’s markings. Vivers had suspected the two men were hiding something, but kept her mouth shut- discord among the group would achieve nothing. The silence was palpable until finally, Tuesday spoke up, politely but firmly asking what awaited them in the cove’s tunnels. What followed was a chilling tale about a woman’s disappearance based on legends of the Hamlet’s past. The prevailing theory was that the woman had been held captive in the cove, either perishing of old age or becoming something more; either way, there was treasure to be pilfered.
Greed, greed, greed, it always comes back to greed, Vivers thought. Tuesday’s grimace meant that she felt the same… but the time was up. The fire burned to embers and the darkness once again set in.
The group had set off into hallways upon hallways, the creeping dread growing with each passing second. Screeches began to be heard from deeper in the tunnels, and there was an unnerving absence of the scaly fish-people they’d fought so many times before. That is, until the final chamber.
Back in the Abbey, Vivers felt a headache setting in. Hours had passed since she had arrived, and her throat ached from thirst. She glanced at the shattered syringe on the floor, and cursed her own ineptitude as her gaze fell on the dry liquid that had long since soaked into the cobblestone floor. Her hand tremors had lessened since the last time she’d examined herself, but in the quiet silence of the meditation hall, she began to feel the call of the deep once more, the quiet thrum that drew all adventurers to this accused place. The same force keeping them from leaving.
The cove’s final chamber held an abomination- the vanished woman had been transformed, perhaps from the otherworldly vapors of the tunnels, into something resembling a siren of legend. The group’s preparation paid off, but it almost wasn’t enough. Their torches held fast, the bandages served them well, but there was no protection against the siren’s enchanting melody. Her tired mind weakened by the stress of the tunnels, Tuesday became entranced, shambling behind the siren and firing off attacks at her compatriots. Vivers herself fell victim to a stunning attack that she’d seen used so many times before by her dear friend, and when she came to, she felt woozy from blood loss. A deep gash adorned her midsection, seeping with fresh blood and an almost unbearable sensation of heat… until, of course, she felt the familiar soothing feeling of Tuesday’s healing touch. In a flash of lucidity, the cleric had broken free of the siren’s influence, taking a single moment to help Vivers in her time of need. The leper whose presence had reassured her many times before was leaning against Ducky’s massive, hulking form, both of them clearly tired from weathering the creature’s rage.
Everything faded away in that instant- Vivers only remembered herself, her dagger, and a deep, guttural scream as she plunged it into the siren’s neck. Whether the scream had come from herself or her adversary she did not know, but she remembered quickly rushing to Tuesday’s side, helping her to her feet. It was then that she caught a glimpse of the cleric’s haunted, terrified eyes, clearly shaken from what she’d done…
Ah, so that’s where she went, Vivers thought triumphantly. She’d taken Tuesday to the Sanitarium herself, she must have forgotten after the events of the last night. And that would explain the trembling in her hands- She’d dropped her dagger somewhere in those caves, surely the blacksmith could easily replace it.
It was at this moment, as the plague doctor finally felt a sense of clarity and safety, that a loud KA-CHUNK heralded her freedom from the Abbey. She opened her eyes, finally, and saw bright sunlight streaming through the dusty windows. Getting to her feet, she started towards the hall’s door, now left slightly ajar. Another day awaits.
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2022.01.25 16:16 pattern_leka_toys How do you like Mothman?

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2022.01.25 16:16 Amazing_Rise_2631 Can we sticky a post about not trusting the refund tracker in the big box tax software until all your info is in and you’ve answered all the questions?

Because goddamn.
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2022.01.25 16:16 kalimbaSpyro I'm afraid to speak about men's problems at university tomorrow

The student council is meeting tomorrow and I want to suggest to raise awareness for men's problems but I am afraid of being labeled an incel/sexist/right-wing because of it. I understand why we have some groups for women only but to be honest - I don't feel welcome at my university as a man. It is really hard to describe my feeling because I understand the very real problem of sexism against women and that they may don't feel safe but at the same time I think the majority of men are being treated unfairly since they don't get any resources they may need. For example:

  1. We got a study group for women only that is announced from many official sources every semester, like professors, study council, telegram channels etc.. We don't have a men only study group or one regardless of gender and the moment I would create and announce one, I would be socially dead.
  2. Our only male course guidance (of three) retired and got replaced by a female one. I would have found it great if we used some resources to find another male one so that everyone (regardless of gender) can choose who they would like to go to out of personal reasons. If we had only male advisors, there would be an uproar.
  3. The treatment of males in the study council itself sometimes is... weird. We had a team meeting for an event and our team leader said the we need to have a woman in it because we were all men. After I said that none of the women were interested in this event as we publicly announced it, he said he will just write one directly to ask to join us. This never happened in a group with all women.
So all I want to ask for tomorrow is if anyone has ideas what we could do to make our men feel more welcome/included/safe and I am really worried that even this question alone is enough to label me as an sexist incel or whatever words are being used right now. I do not want to say "Let's take away the safe spaces for women since there aren't any for men!" but I think it'll be taken that way. Just want everyone to have access to the same kind of resources and I am going to stand up for that, even if it brings tension to the student council which will make me leave it.
(Sorry for the English, I'm German and upset)
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2022.01.25 16:16 SrirachaSandvvitch One of my pages. I wanted to share more but I realize my entries are extremely private. What do you write in your daily pages?

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2022.01.25 16:16 adrenacrome I had a small painting of Josh Homme commissioned in Bogotá Colombia

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2022.01.25 16:16 Traditional_Side4902 Growth is slow but effective....

Keep growing...get stronger....don't stop you...you can do it!!!!
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2022.01.25 16:16 channyandkimberly Pokémon Legends: Arceus Cinematic Trailer

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2022.01.25 16:16 creutzml [OC] Two things are sacred: Burrow and Skyline

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2022.01.25 16:16 dobby1770 [bug] when refreshing comments on a post or the account page (your own comments) they are always showing a different upvote/downvote number

Maybe this is a Reddit bug but im wondering more people are having this
here is the bug in action
Im on Apollo TestFlight version: 1.11.99 iPhone 13 mini iOS 15.2.1 And I can reproduce this every time
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2022.01.25 16:16 Lycie89 Does anyone else experience this chain of events/feelings during and after a fight?

Its been awhile now that I noticed a pattern with my feelings and thoughts whenever I get in a fight with my husband.

  1. I try to conceal and get over whatever it is that bothered me. In a attempt to avoid conflict and move on. Notice I wrote "try" because usually I fail at that
  2. I give up and express myself. Wich usually starts a disagreement during wich I slowly understand the deeper reasons behind my feelings.
  3. We fight, during it I experience a range of emotions that makes me think we "dont work together anymore" but I never voice it as I know, deep down I dont believe it and its only going to hurt him. So I leave the room to try and calm down
  4. I cry my heartout and once I am calm I signal husband, he comes and just stay with me. Thats when hell usually break loose in my mind
  5. I cry silently as thoughts of very vivid scenarios of my own death play in my mind some as suicide some as a homicide victim and that both makes me sad scared AND relieved...
  6. I start to fell numb, apathic and end up sleeping...
Does anyone experience this? Am I fucking crazy?
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2022.01.25 16:16 ferphite [FOR HIRE] Native expert in Spanish help. Get the best deal for your Spanish homework. No upfront payment! | ferphite#1105 | ffernsan@gmail.com

Discord: ferphite#1105 | Gmail: [ffernsan@gmail.com](mailto:ffernsan@gmail.com)
Hello! My name is Fernanda and I am a native Spanish speaker willing to help you.
Having a hard time with your Spanish course? Don't worry, I can do everything for you for cheap.
I have been doing homework, tests and essays for people who need help with their classes since the beginning of the pandemic. No matter what level you are, from beginner to advanced, I can do it.
No upfront payment needed. Get an A or money back!
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2022.01.25 16:16 hallucinationstation How Many People Pay Sticker

So I had a discussion with another here about paying sticker at a T14, and using Big Law to pay off debt. While it doesn't seem like a fun idea for anyone, the people on this sub and even the realities of the Cravath scale make it doable if not desirable. But honestly, I don't care about that. A person who goes to Upenn or UVA paying sticker will likely be fine career wise regardless of how long it takes to pay off their debt.

What I wanted to know and what I wasted way too much time calculating was how many people pay sticker at T2 schools. Schools in which their is a depressingly low chance of getting a job which justifies chance, and in most cases where it is more likely to not have a job than to land Big Law.
Allow me to state plainly, my methodology is flawed, my numbers are no way exact. However, since I wanted a rough estimate I think it does its job there. All I did was multiply the number of admissions for a given year by the % of students who have no scholarship. So for example the University of Miami had 375 people enrolled in 2020. 43.2% paid sticker, so rounding down a 162 people paid sticker for the University of Miami. To put that in perspective 173 people enrolled in Stanford in the same period.
All information borrowed from Law School Transparency
Everything is written in this order
School Rank, Name of University, Number of Students, % Paying Sticker, # Paying Sticker
52 - southern Methodist University- 240 %3.5 8
52 -Temple 220 %15.8 34
53 Texas A and M 160 %11.8 18
53 U Richmond 153 %23.5 35
53 Villanova 178 %23.5 41
53 Cardoza 339 3% 10
58 Baylor 141 %22.1 31
88 University of Connecticut 168 %15.2
60 Penn State Dickinson 85 %0 0
60 Penn State University Park 122 %1.2 2
60 Tulane 219 %16.9 37
60 Universitg of Houston 233 %14.4 33
60 University of Missouri Colombia 118 %29.8 35
60 University of Las Vegas 121 %16.8 20
60 University of Tennessee Knoxville 117 %22.5 26
67 Northeastern 209 %6 12
67 University of Oklahoma 173 %4.2 7
67 University of Pittsburg 142 %25 35
70 Seton hall 253 %17.5 44
70 University of Kansas 140 %29.1 40
72 Case Western 112 %2.7 3
72 Loyola 324 %35.8 115
72 St Johns 243 %32.2 78
72 University of Miami 375 %43.2 162
72 University of Oregon 158 %9.2 14
72 Wayne State 122 %22.2 27
78 Georgia State 214 %31.8 68
81 American University 355 %24.6 87
81 Brooklyn Law School 409 %7.1 28
81 Drexel 170 %20.6 35
81 University of Cinncinatti 133 0 0
81 University of Kentucky 134 %6.9 9
86 University of San Diego 250 %14.9 37
87 University of Nebraska 129 %18.2 18
88 Florida International University 159 %26.2 41
88 Lewis and Clark 189 %20.6 38
88 University of New Hampshire 139% 0 0
91 Howard 150 %49.4 74
91 Chicago Kent 14.8 %237 34
91 Michigan State University 191 %7.2 13
91 Rutgers 434 %1.4 6
91 Saint Louis 194 %7.5 14
96 University of Arkansas Fayetteville 51.8 %130 67
96 University of South Carolina 215 %27.8 59
98 University of Buffalo 161 %12.5 20
98 University of Hawaii 105 %31.6 33
98 University of Louisville 108 %49.9 53
98 University of Mississippi 167 %35.6 59
Seton hall and University of Kentucky had the highest employment rates of T2 schools. Both in the Mid Eighties.
University of Arkansas Fayetteville gave out the least in scholarships with 51.8% of their students paying sticker.
Penn State Dickinson has 0 students paying sticker price.
Roughly 1855 Students pay sticker price at t2 Universities.
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2022.01.25 16:16 Less_Gene2335 BrenarMX

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2022.01.25 16:16 MomoYuna I have a special room dedicated to beating prisoners half to death

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2022.01.25 16:16 GrillOrBeGrilled ALTO: Is this too high for a high school level section?

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2022.01.25 16:16 X_E-L_A Looking for some inspiration with the horse feeds - please share what you feed yours and bonus treats too! (Healthy herbal chaff, hay cobs and micronised linseed here)

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2022.01.25 16:16 mouse_tutorial art i did while tripping and listening to this playlist https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7w6LFyPZNGgZl4Suf6vgJV?si=_0Uub67pRCGYRWg60Uycrw&utm_source=copy-link

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2022.01.25 16:16 mustardtruck Cast iron burgers are the tastiest burgers.

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2022.01.25 16:16 pornfkennedy Moody Ambient Impressionist Piano Improv with Scale Navigator MIDI VST

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2022.01.25 16:16 RandomAccount4546 Are the backgrounds worth getting?

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