I am curious what those in this group think of the following short story: "humAIn" - a short story

2022.01.25 16:34 Trick-Locksmith7591 I am curious what those in this group think of the following short story: "humAIn" - a short story

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2022.01.25 16:34 Ohthatthrowaway2018 25 [M4M] straight guy looking for other straight guys to suck

Have experimented a few times, but I’d love to have a steady guy to play around with. Let me practice with your cock. I’m fit, tall. Send your stats, availability and what you’d want to do.
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2022.01.25 16:34 AcrobaticDefinition4 Hi guys, how’s your day? 🥰

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2022.01.25 16:34 WhosAfraidOf_138 Any hidden changes from this patch?

I heard that weapon swapping is faster now, but I will need to test this myself.
Any other hidden changes like all patches have?
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2022.01.25 16:34 svanapps MicroStrategy rises, Grayscale Bitcoin Trust falls as bitcoin decline takes a breather

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2022.01.25 16:34 wafflezcol New chick can’t lift up its neck what can I do to help it

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2022.01.25 16:34 ReindeerDisastrous LOOKING FOR THE BEST! CREATE YOUR OWN LEGACY!

——PRO WRESTLING EMPIRE!—— Console: Playstation4/5 Game: 2K19(moving to 2K22) The top 2K19 league is now recruiting!
We are a league that takes great pride in our creative storytelling and rich history. We prioritize making stars and having fun competition among the best superstars the league scene has to offer.
We offer FREE Training, CAW help, and Graphic Design Help. Along with other things of that nature. We have our own Party and Group chat for communication and nonstop league and non-league play. We are open to people who are new to leagues and league veterans.
Our rules are very easy to follow and we have no cheap players within our walls, nor do we have any toxic players. I personally take alot of pride in the fact that PWE is a toxicity free League.
We are also partnered with new upstart league ENERGY, as our FIFTH annual WrestleCade event is coming up in a month. It is the biggest show in leagues and for a reason too. This is PWE. No bullshit, just WRESTLING and COMPELLING STORIES! Feel free to Message me, and comment down below if you are looking to join or just check things out. You are also able to wait until 22 comes out to compete, that is also fine. Championships Matter. Superstars matter. WRESTLING MATTERS. WELCOME TO THE EMPIRE! 👑 https://www.facebook.com/groups/593569867655821/?ref=share
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2022.01.25 16:34 MisterBilly [USA-NC] [H] 2020 MacBook Air Gold, i5, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD [W] PayPal, Local Cash

Color: Gold
Repairs: None
Selling my 2020 MacBook Air, I replaced it with an M1 MacBook so I have no need for this one anymore. Works perfectly fine and is in good condition. $575 OBO including shipping. I am located in the Charlotte, NC area for anyone interested in local pickup. I will do PayPal invoice for any shipping. Thanks!
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2022.01.25 16:34 _nirmall_ Petition for monke role

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2022.01.25 16:34 Vany_356 Who was Cicero and why was he so important?

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2022.01.25 16:34 Trixiebella15 Maggie Renee reacts to Bad Wolves cover of Zombie

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2022.01.25 16:34 MrRigatonii Maxed out my th9, do i wait forever to max my heroes or do i upgrade to th10?

Maxed out my th9, do i wait forever to max my heroes or do i upgrade to th10? submitted by MrRigatonii to ClashOfClans [link] [comments]

2022.01.25 16:34 Gboy4719 SI collectible for leader collectible set

Is there still an exchange set for SI collectibles to leaders collectibles?
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2022.01.25 16:34 Ramtide Nasty Nate's National Neckbeard Safari : Pt1. Las Vegas

ReddX will enjoy this. Ramtidings, dear friends! It is I, your dutiful lord and master, the eternal GM. My, has it been a long time. It seems that everything has been put on hold - this, Weirdos & Waifus, everything - because I have been busy working on my magnum opus, Blood & Thunder, a maritime piracy RPG... and ya know what? It's getting so close. I am imbued with endless gratitude to my favorite play testers, Bold & Seiguy. They've been there since day one as we've been ironing out the rules to infantry scale combat. Now that I've officially rubber stamped character generation and infantry-scale interaction rules as complete, ship rules are next. Still, I couldn't wait to play it. I felt a compulsion - yes, a COMPULSION, my friends, to actually sit down at a tabletop proper and experience something I've missed for a very long time. IRL Tabletop. What better way, then, than to start up a game or two of pirates with some random strangers? Who doesn't love that? Let's waste no time, then, and delve directly into Nasty Nate's National Neckbeard Safari and this particular TAAAAALE FROM THE TABLETOP.
Should I say it? I'm going to say it. Neckbeards are freaking gross. The stories that we weave here are not for the faint of heart. Put down that brownie. Reconsider that bagel. It can wait, because uncomfortable topics or descriptions may arise.
For those of you who do not know, my life is that of a vagabond, I find myself moving from place to place with great regularity, never staying put in any given location for too long. It is still winter, and so I've been slumming around the great American southwest, where the climate is temperate during these colder months, and much more amenable to someone living in their vehicle. With warmer weather just around the corner, I have begun crawling, albeit very, VERY slowly, north, in search of eternal 70 and sunny year round. Our tale today takes place in an infamously sordid hellhole which I usually outright avoid - Las Vegas, Nevada.
What can I say about Las Vegas? It's a seedy adult playground in which nobody gives a shit. Do you like drugs, gambling, and prostitutes? I mean, I certainly do... but if you like them in spades, then Vegas has them. I, however, did not come up to this desolate wasteland in search of discount booty and slot machines. A turn of events forced my hand and made me waylay over in this city. I had been given a dog out in the desert by Quartzsite, Arizona, and he needed a neutering. With ample budge-tier options for nut removal in the big city, I set my course to that wretched den. With my purpose there complete, I took pause. Baldur, my big old dog, shame-coned and stupefied, was in no shape to go exploring through the rocky crags and ravines that were our usual fare. I would let him convalesce while we lurked within the city limits.
I had been at work with a vengeance of late trying to see Blood & Thunder through its first phase of creation. After many moons, character rules have been squared away and finally, properly crunch. Armed with a developing RPG nearing a release for beta testing, I thought, what the Hell, since we're stuck here, why not find myself a nerd shop to haunt and stir up some trouble?
Thanks to the internet (hail internet!), I put a search into my GPS for an LGS. To nobody's surprise, Vegas had a few, and I selected one that was nearby the Walmart around which Baldur and I lurked while he recovered from his surgery. I punched the truck into gear and took that trip. Arriving at the parking lot, I leashed Baldur, grabbed a backpack loaded with my laptop and dice, and made my way to the door. I smiled at the sign dictating hygiene standards taped to the glass and wondered how delicately I tread upon that line (you know, being a desert dwelling vagabond and all). Needless to say, I was home. I opened the door, and walked inside.
I was immediately stopped by the clerk, who remarked that pets were not allowed. I replied that he was in fact my shame-coned service dog. "What kind of service?" Seizure alert. (yeah, yeah, I shouldn't lie about that, but it's either I bring him with me or he cooks to death in the truck. There is no leaving him at home because I have no home at which I can leave him. Seethe about it if you want, I personally don't care) The clerk shrugged their shoulders and returned to screwing around on their phone. Good enough. With that Charisma check cleanly passed, I continued into that delightfil den of debauchery.
It was a page out of my past. Everything was there, and for a moment, I was young again, surrounded by the cringe inducing cardboard cutouts of fictitional superheroes with exaggerated severity of expression, all the way down to the subtle non-deodorized miasma that mingled with the scent of processed-cheese-laden microwaved snacks. Pasty, virginal, sun-deprived humanoids huddled around cheap plastic tables as dice clattered and cards shuffled. Debates raged in which uncharismatic orators proclaimed the virtues of their waifus and pretended for a day that perhaps, just maybe, they might become the chosen hero of legend which the kingdom needs. It was both ugly and subliminally beautiful. I took a deep breath, letting the dust of unopened tomes and cheese powder coat my lungs, before exhaling blissfully. Bliss. Nirvana. Paradise. I was, at long last, back in my element.
My job now was simple. I threaded my way through the tables and found one near the back. I settled in, and set out a blanket for my convalescent companion along with a collapsable dog bowl full of water and another full of kibbles. It would be totally fine. Baldur is a mostly calm, mostly well-behaved boy who just wants to be comfy and loved. The unspoken reality was that he would make less mess than any of the nerds that occupied this space. With his needs met in a nice, comfy, climate controlled environment, he sidled in for a long anesthesia-induced nap, and I opened up my laptop and began to type furiously as I worked my way through some edits to ship to ship warfare. It was only a matter of time now. The bait was set and the trap was ready to be sprung.
It certainly didn't take long, either. Some opprobrious dweller of the depths and his lackey soon took notice of where I sat alone. The clattering of my keys and the fervor with which I worked must have drawn me to their attention. You know how these creatures are. Their vision is, after all, based on movement, and when I work on something about which I'm passionate, I become very much animated, oscillating between self-monologues and openly verbal debate directed only at myself. Hand gestures, head slaps, eureka moments. It all happens. Well, from the corner of my eye, I watched them approach as I gestured like a man possessed. A massive giant of a man in both horizontal and vertical dimensions, probably pushing 300 pounds. In tow, what could only be described as his slightly smaller familiar. These people will need names. Let us then name them according to our conventions here, and give them the names of their characters.
Witch Doctor Umbugu, or just Umbugu - The biggest of the bunch. A boisterous mountain of a man. A bit of a greybeard, easily pushing up on his 60s, and the one who I found perhaps most relatable at the entire table. For his pirate, he rolled up a spear-wielding shaman from a tribe of Pygmies - quick to anger, and even quicker to seek revenge. Occupation: Carpenter.
Hookhand Hank, or triple H - Umbugu's familiar, and perhaps his son. They did, after all, act and look very similar, and I never saw them apart. A fat and awkward kid in his late teens with terrible acne. For his pirate, he rolled up a finfolk swashbuckler who lost his hand in an accident while working in the rigging. He would murder you dead if you referred to him as a mermaid. That's their word, you see. Occupation: Musician.
It was Umbugu who came up first and caught my attention with a polite wave of his hand. I looked up from my screen to behold this prodigious individual. I smiled politely as I asked them, "yes?"
Umbugu: Hey there. I'm Umbugu and this is HHH. I'm usually here a lot, and I haven't seen you around before. Are you new in town?
Ramtide: You could say that. It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm Ramtide. What can I do for you guys?
HHH: Hey, I was wondering if I could pet your dog?
I looked down at Baldur. His head had popped up on the approach of these two guys. I trust my dog's judgement better than even my own. Usually he growls at people he doesn't know - at least puts up his hackles before he actually gets to check them out - and considering that he was in pain from his surgery, I wouldn't be surprised if he would be more vocal about it. I looked down at him, however, and not a single sign of discomfort or uncertainty came from him. In fact, his tail was wagging, albeit, very slow and weakly. I replied in the affirmative, and HHH zoned out on my canine companion to deliver his love and adoration as Umbugu and I continued to converse.
Umbugu: So, what games do you play?
Ramtide: Usually fan publications of popular IPs. These days, though, I don't really play much of other people's games. I've been working on one of my own for the last year, and it finally, FINALLY just got through character rules being squared away and crunching how I want them to crunch. I've had a hankering to run an IRL game proper for a long time now, even if it's just a one shot. How do you feel about piracy?
Umbugu: Yes.
Ramtide: Yes?
I heard an echo come up from beneath the table as HHH emerged from petting my dog. Another resounding "yes."
Ramtide: Well, you're kinda right when you asked me if I was new in town, Umbugu. I don't got anyone to play with. You guys up to play a game? It's probably just gonna be a one shot, and we may not run it today, but actually run it tomorrow. I've got to get a lot of work done, you guys gotta make characters, and I'd like at least two more players, which means I need to do my work and they need to be found.
They answered in the affirmative. My day was made. I had found a couple players, and I barely had to do anything. I asked them for an email and I sent them a PDF of the current incarnation of the rules, telling them to mostly ignore the rules for ship to ship combat - we wouldn't be getting into that for the time being. Nope, just roll up some characters - and they did. With their sheets completed and in reception of my stamp of approval, I then charged them with running down the elusive 3rd and 4th player. You guys know me. I don't run for 2 people. The sweet spot is 4. They stood up from the table together, attached at the hip, and scheming with each other about how they would bring me two more victi--- players.
I resumed my labors at once. Ship to ship combat is something that is seldom if ever captured in a meaningful way in so many tabletop games I've played, particularly for something that has a thematic setting like the golden age of sail. It wasn't going to write itself, and the edits that were next on the list needed to be done before our second playtest. We all know that things seem great in theory until you actually have to make it interact with each other, and always, always, always, am I grinding on making sure everything crunches in a way that it should.
At length, Umbugu and HHH returned to where I sat, a couple of nerds in tow. I looked up from where I sat to examine our new additions for the game I would be running the following day. I beheld two fascinating specimens drudged up at random from the depths of the LGS. The first stared back at me behind thick rimmed glasses and a shock of green hair that contoured its greasy face. Several bad tattoos of different nerdy fandoms, worse than even my bumlife stick and pokes, were etched into his skin, and a piercing dangled from his lip that inhibited his speech patterns. It would take all my effort to resist the desire to reach up, grab him by that ring, and pull it out every time he spoke. As he approached, I could, for the first time, concretely determine that the stink of body odor that permeated the shop smelled profoundly reminiscent of this individual. Salty, with a hint of despair. His character was a diminutive Naiad cabin boy named Celeste, adept at social interactions and getting his way.
The other looked as if Steve Buscemi had sex with a pug named Porkroll and the hybrid abortion which was borne of that unholy matrimony gained sentience and ambulation. Where Umbugu and HHH were simply wide and tall, this one was round, and I could tell that its corpulence prevented it from properly wiping within moments of his arrival. To hide its shame, it had bathed in cheap cologne and spray on deodorant in hopes that those enchanting, discount hygiene scents might overpower the damp, brown cloth that clung to his chocolate starfish like a suction cup. For his pirate, he rolled up a common cutthroat aboard our merry vessel who specialized in gunslinging. His name? Long Dong Silver.
As everyone sat around the table for a bit, we got to know each other some. My suspicions regarding Umbugu and HHH were true - they were, in fact, blood relatives, with Umbugu siring the tinier of the two. Long Dong mostly kept to himself, murmuring about how he was going to powergame the shit out of the system I had presented him, and only pausing to ask an add question or two. When I finally got my chance to pry for answers on a few questions of my own - where ya from, what ya like to do for fun, when ya poop in the shower, etc. - he revealed to me that he was an avid memelord on the chans. With his general aura taken into account, this did not surprise me in the slightest. Anonymous, in all his shitposting, had joined the game.
Then I got to Celeste. Celeste told me a little bit about himself (herself?) as well. They mentioned that they liked to wear a fursuit because they were, in fact, actually an animal. I chuckled and started to wax prose-etic about the taxonomical classification as humans under the kingdom of Animalia before I locked eyes with Celeste who was regarding me with deep consternation and a quiet, festering judgement. No. He explained that his being an animal had nothing to do with the scientific classification of our species. He was an Otherkin, as he called it. That was a new one to me, and I asked him to go on. He began to elaborate that he was in fact a dog trapped inside the wrong body.
I'll humor people to an extent. I did my best to not blurt out my incredulity. Still, like a dog can read people, Celeste could read me, and could see the growing doubt on my face. Celeste then offered to prove it. He got up from his canine nature to assuage my surging doubts, pushed in his chair, went down to where Baldur lay comfortably napping on top of his little doggy bed, and clambered down onto all fours and getting right up in my ailing dog's personal space. Baldur lazily opened one eye and blearily stared at this new person encroaching on his comfy domain, and Celeste began to yip like a puppy at him and started panting. Baldur's teeth were bared. His hackles were raised. A low growl escaped my dog, who was indeed, having none of it. His hackles almost lifted off his body like a giant spinal mowhawk as Celeste moved his face close to Baldur's groin in preparation for what I can only imagine to be a long, deep sniff of doggy dick - or worse, a lick. At about that point, I told Celeste he needed to back the fuck up from my dog. I know for a fact that Baldur has bit people before, and hard. Like, he drew blood and they needed stitches hard. That's half the reason why he was entrusted to me - his owners simply did not have the time to properly care for him or the bravery to deal with him when he gets wily, unlike I who has unlimited time and takes no doggy shit - and as much as I would have loved for Celeste to learn an unforgettable lesson in the establishment of pack order, that would have also been a great way to lose Baldur completely. "Oh yeah, my dog just mauled off this dude's face coz he sniffed his neutered crotch." Cool story bro. To doggy jail he goes forever.
My tone was harsh and Celeste retreated quickly, shrugging off the hostility in my voice. He returned to his seat with a smug smile, and said, "See? Your dog totally likes me dude. He gets me. We're gonna be bros. I might have to hump him to assert my dominance, though, especially if he doesn't get over growling at me."
Umbugu and HHH looked at each other with some confusion. I'm guessing they didn't know Celeste very well and had just picked him up from some random table or aisle to come play a game. Long Dong had broken into uproarious laughter at the display, making snide remarks about the "degeneracy of our clinically insane cabin boy." I was contemplating dragging Celeste into the parking lot by his head and throwing his mangled, broken body into a dumpster for talking about humping his dominance onto my poor, grumpy, ailing, otherwise very good boy. I decided against it, however, and reminded myself that going to jail in Las Vegas is not a good time - and I'm speaking from experience. Nah. I opted to be an adult about it. This time.
Ramtide: I don't think I want you playing at my table.
Celeste: What? Why?
Ramtide: You upset my dog, and that upset me.
Celeste: Just because your dog is a bigot doesn't mean you have to be.
Ramtide: What?
Celeste: Your dog hasn't had enough experience with Otherkin. He's a judgemental bigot because you haven't exposed him to new things.
Ramtide: He's judgemental because you stuck your face right up to his surgery scar while acting like a weirdo. I really don't want you sitting at my table.
Celeste: Aw, come on, man. I was excited for this. I love pirate games, and nobody ever plays them enough. Let me stay.
I let out a deep sigh. I had aired my dissatisfaction at his behavior and asked him to leave. He requested to remain at the table, and so it was now time for me to spell out the terms of his unconditional surrender if I were to entertain his request.
Ramtide: Alright. You can stay for the game, on the following conditions. One. You leave Baldur alone - no ifs, ands, or buts. He's healing from a surgery and he doesn't care for your antics or your bullshit. Two. You apologize to me for your behavior.
Celeste: Fine. I'm sorry, but you're taking this way to hard. I'm going to be who I am regardless of what you think about it.
Ramtide: First, that isn't what this is about. I don't care if you act like who you believe yourself to be. I care that you upset my animal. Second. Really? "I'm sorry, but"? That's not an apology, dude. That's just thinly veiled spite. Apologize sincerely, and you can stay. If you don't, you gotta go.
Celeste: I'm sorry.
Ramtide: Apology accepted.
Celeste: You're not going to apologize to me for your behavior?
Ramtide: No.
Celeste: Why not?
Ramtide: Because I did nothing wrong.
Celeste huffed and puffed for a bit to nobody in particular, but eventually settled down. He had promised to behave himself, and so I would tentatively tolerate his presence, for now. Besides, it's not like I was trying to live in Las Vegas. As much as I love blackjack and hookers, I was really only there so Baldur could convalesce from his operation. Celeste would be a distant memory soon enough. One game with the guy wouldn't kill me, after all.
The day wound down and one by one the players filed out of the shop. We were set to run for tomorrow evening, I had whipped up a quick, impromptu one-shot session for them so we could have a little fun. Eventually, I got up from my seat, content with the progress I had made for the day. Baldur and I were ready to have some dinner and retire into the cave for the night. We settled in that evening and I enjoyed me some PUBG and X Files, mentally steeling myself for the game day ahead. I could already sense that problems would arise, and me - always one to stir the pot and never one to say no - couldn't help but be excited for it.
Tomorrow, we shall return to the exciting adventures of Field Researcher Ramtide as I continue to explore the seedy underbelly of beardery across this great country known as the United States of America, and delve headfirst into the first proper table game of Blood & Thunder.
Endless love and thanks goes out to ReddX and the greater ReddX community who have been there for me as I make my way through this curious adventure we call life. Most notably, I would like to thank my wonderful patrons for supporting the development of Blood & Thunder, a dedicated setting and system for maritime piracy. Without further ado, special thanks go to Garrett Beneke, Ninjaminer2017, Allunia Demonista, Not Invisible Angel, Blade_The_Hero, HydraJerry, Robert Allen Waits, BitchGrenlin, GiggleJerry, Mr J, Dayton Does, Fyredraeke, and Jerrisimus Barbartus Cervicis. We're getting close to a viable beta for Blood & Thunder, and testing has been pushing full speed ahead - infantry rules are DONE, ship rules are being worked out. If you'd like to support me as I work to see this endeavor through or write these Tales From The Tabletop, you can find me on patreon.com/BlackFlagPrintingPress or make a one time donation through paypal.me/Ramtide
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2022.01.25 16:34 Complex_Aioli9337 Q Fan Control and AI Suite 3 not detecting Controllable Range for my fans.

So long story short I have 37 fans. 19 Noctua 3000RPM and 18 Uni Fan SLs, I have them all sectioned off based on fan type and if they are intaking or exhausting, layout doesn’t matter for this. I have them all on their own splitters with supplemental sata power to support the amount of fans, and they are all PWM controllable, I verified each one’s PWM slot is filled and my motherboard is the Zenith II Extreme. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled AI Suite, cleared CMOS, configured the fan speeds in the BIOs, undid the changes in the bios, fans are responding to NOTHING. The only break I’ve been seeing is I am able to adjust the curves in AI Suite BEFORE running Fan Xpert, but it does not show me RPM values. If I run Fan Xpert, it greys out all the boxes and gives me a grey exclamation point.
TL;DR software not letting me control fans
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2022.01.25 16:34 TRAVGUY1212 Couldn’t find it, so I grind it.

TL;DR at bottom. Hi guys, I daily a 5-speed 04’ Honda Accord. Last night at a stop light, I shifted into first but my clutch pedal didn’t come back up. Found out just now my clutch master cylinder was bone dry. However, I tried limping it home and stalled at a light because it was still stuck and I had to stop on red. Couldn’t get rolling without my clutch so I forced it to move by ramming it into first (kill me I hate my life rn) to get it to move and floated the rest of the gears home. I feel stupid, no need to tell me. But what I wanna know is how fucked is my 1st gear? I’m sure the rest are fine.
TL;DR Clutch pooped out on me(stuck to floor), had to force it into first gear to get it out of an intersection. How fucked are my synchros/gear in first?
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2022.01.25 16:34 JimmyRickyBobbyBilly Thought you all would appreciate this joke photo

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2022.01.25 16:34 paget61 Best option for gap?

Stage 4 cancer patient in NY on SSDI and in remission. Widow. No dependents or kids so going this alone.
Will become eligible for Medicare in October 2022.
Am currently on COBRA but will have to leave that in October and go on Medicare. And was figuring I'd take Part G since that seems like it would cover the most stuff. I have no interest in the private option as I have doctors that have been treating me and operating on me for a couple of years now and don't want any issues if there's network issues.
Will need gap coverage to pay for what Medicare doesn't cover if I need chemo, radiation and surgery again. Or any other treaments.
My chemo was always infused in the ongology office which is not a hospital but an infusion center. I am getting conflicting info as to whether or not this will be covered since it's not in a hospital.
I hate to be thinking about this because I am in remission but I need to set myself up that if anything happens, I will have the most coverage as my savings could be depleted quickly.
I went to the NY site and looked up gap plans and rates but it lists a bunch of prices and companies but I can't find anything that explains what they cover.
An example. I found this about Medicare:
Your costs in Original Medicare
You pay a copayment for chemotherapy covered under Part B in a hospital outpatient setting. For chemotherapy given in a doctor's office or freestanding clinic, you pay 20% of the Medicare-Approved Amount, and the Part B deductible applies.
I am trying to find out if these gap plans will pay that 20 percent if I need chemo and have it in a doctor's office.
On the other hand, if the doctor has me get chemo in the hospital's cancer center, does Medicare pay for all of it?
Thanks for any advice. I'm trying to look into this early while feeling fine and not against the clock.
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2022.01.25 16:34 PremiumForAll ⭐️ Amanda Cerny

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2022.01.25 16:34 Unknown171937182828 Good side hustles around the area

I’m 16 and can drive and I’m looking for some side hustles. I’m pretty good with computers and cameras I can fix technology stuff pretty easily Owned a lot of pets I can do prob any side hustles Just have no ideas of any I can do here
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2022.01.25 16:34 mohkadd bang ceo on "say yes to the dress??"

edited by Jake Mayer https://www.instagram.com/jakeshotfriend/
from Globly | RSS
via bang ceo on "say yes to the dress??"
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2022.01.25 16:34 sleaZD What's a B and a U

An insect and and animal
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2022.01.25 16:34 lilyeetie Uprint plus (by dimensions) printer is having an issue with filament not going into nozzle while printing(see picture for reference). Does anyone know a fix?

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2022.01.25 16:34 chrisd794 [WTS] Tudor Black Bay 58 FULL KIT on OEM Strap

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2022.01.25 16:34 Christian_L7 Downgrading a CFU to a CF?

Then getting a new CFU for the SUB. Is this possible?
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