Peoples Gas app Contact us if you prefer to call 866-556-6001 (Monday - Friday: 7 a.m. - 7 p.m., Saturday: 7 a.m. - 3 p.m.) Energy assistance options Energy bill grants Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program. Financial assistance to help eligible customers pay their energy bills. Discrimination is the reason why Indigenous peoples make up 15% of the world’s extreme poor. Globally, they also suffer higher rates of landlessness, malnutrition and internal displacement than other groups. In addition, several other peoples are currently being assimilated or "Pahuinised" by their Beti-Pahuin neighbours. These include the Manguissa, Yekaba, Bamvele, Evuzok, Batchanga (Tsinga), Omvang, Yetude, and, to some extent, the Baka. Fang mask used for the ngil ceremony, an inquisitorial search for sorcerers. Wood and pigment, 19th century. Presentation of Peoples Temple and its members in their own words: through articles, tapes, letters, photographs and other items. These materials let readers make their own judgments about the group and its end. Tape transcripts, summaries, some primary source documents, ... The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) was adopted by the General Assembly on Thursday, 13 September 2007, ... Other languages. The Peoples Guides to Welfare Health and Other Services can be ordered online using our store. We are out of English and Spanish versions for 2020. Please check back to see when they become available again. Everyone adopts other people’s emotions or moods from time to time. If this happens constantly, though, you might have an inherited personality trait called sensory processing sensitivity (SPS). SEATTLE - The Seattle Kraken will be celebrating Indigenous Peoples Night during the game on Dec. 6 against the Pittsburgh Penguins.. Throughout the game, there will be various moments ... Other Tai peoples and languages. Listed below are lesser-known Tai peoples and languages. Bajia 八甲 – 1,106 people in Mengkang Village 勐康村, Meng'a Township 勐阿镇, Menghai County, Yunnan, who speak a language closely related to Tai Lü. They are classified by the Chinese government as ethnic Dai people. In other global Indigenous populations, locking down has been a self‐determined process. Within Australia, the question of triggering episodes of post‐traumatic stress has arisen for those older Indigenous Peoples who still live on the missions and reserves.


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2022.01.25 16:57 Sissywoman73 Need advise

Tank size: 5 gallons
Heater and filter: yes and yes
Tank temperature: 80
I’ve had the fish for about 3-3.5 years, he’s been in this tank about a year
I feel him pellets (BettaMin brand)
He’s got some real plants and a little cave in there
Here is the question: Should I humanly euthanize him?
He started to grow this tumor like thing on his head over a year ago. It never seamed to bother him. Recently, as of last week, he has slowed way down. He does not come up to eat all that often. He just hangs out by that plant. I really do love my fish and want he to not suffer. Please advise.
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2022.01.25 16:57 chrisarchitect All Together Serif custom typeface for M&Ms by JKR

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2022.01.25 16:57 Polyducks Mork Borg needed a bestiary, so we made one

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2022.01.25 16:57 LukeNeverShaves Arkansas to hire Marshall CB coach Dominique Bowman to same position

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2022.01.25 16:57 NewsElfForEnterprise Cadillac Lyriq first pre-production car rolls off the line

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2022.01.25 16:57 GimmeTheBacon Double Edged Sword

Long time lurker, first time poster.
So this is long winded but I have to vent to people who will understand or I'm going to lose my mind.
TL;DR at the bottom.
I have been working a couple years now doing geotechnical quality assurance (QA testing for structural engineering aka concrete/soil testing) at one of the largest construction projects in my state. I started in 2017 as a tech with no certifications making $13/hr which at the time wasn't bad. After getting my ACI Level 1 and working for a year and a half (2018), I was bumped up to $15/hr but laid off shortly after due to winter. From 2019-2021, I worked in a couple of places doing various things: car debt collection agency, steel manufacturing warehouse, grocery store meat department, then finally to an office job for a local AAA branch before applying to a new company for my old QA job. This is where the story really begins.
I applied with a different company than the one that originally hired me and was offered an interview immediately. The interview went great and when they asked about my previous experience I made sure to mention how I had preciously worked on their large federal project they were contracted on doing the same thing I was interviewing for now; the first of many mistakes I made interacting with the company. As soon as I mentioned that they started salivating like Pavlov's dog and asked what my compensation expectation was. I replied $18/hr as it had been some time since I've been in the field but I still had plenty of experience, namely at the federal project. They said they'd get back to me and a day later they sent an offer letter with a starting pay of $17.75 after saying that getting my other certifications for inspection and testing would warrant pay bumps. I accepted thinking they wouldn't lie about that; another mistake.
Over the next 8 months (and honestly still to this day) I was completely overworked, discovered a month after the start of the new fiscal year I was being ABHORRENTLY underpaid in comparison to another company that we tested alongside doing literally the exact same thing, and found that the entire company was not at all as employee centric as they claimed it was. I was given no time to study for certifications or get any experience inspecting even though I was told it would be made to happen.
At the beginning of September (the new fiscal year started in July) I sent an email to my boss and his boss, and requested a performance review in the hopes of compensation increase. I didn't receive any official acknowledgement from either of them (quick mentions of the issue in passing saying "something is coming just be patient") until I finally called HR and asked what it was that I needed to do in order to get the ball rolling. I received an email the next day saying "something is in the works but we are waiting on the client to approve the new budget we proposed". From that email until I was actually offered the raise, it was radio silence. Any attempt at talking about it was futile because it was "up to the client now". It was November before the budget was finally approved and I did receive back pay but holy shit was it a fight to get it.
Fast forward to the first week of January, my boss puts me with an inspector to start training. BIG WIN!!! Finally, I'm getting the experience I was promised when I originally came to the project and furthering my career. Then my boss casually lets me know I'm expected to pass 2 difficult certifications for inspection work by the end of February so as to help the 2 inspectors we have left because we lost 3 over the new year (For perspective, we should have at least 7-10 inspectors given the sheer size of the site, not to mention the amount of work required in each area).
Here's where the title comes in...I'm ecstatic that I'm finally getting experience in my given field and furthering my career. I love my profession and I honestly wouldn't mind if this is what I did for the rest of my life , but I'm not being treated fairly by the company I work for. I'm being treated as an afterthought of, "well shit we just lost pretty much everybody, let's finally train the guy who has been asking for months for this type of experience" while simultaneously being expected to cover work as if I had been training for a full year. I had to fight tooth and nail just to be offered $3 less than what I should be making at industry standard CURRENTLY with my experience, I'm still 6 on 1 off, and I don't know how much longer I can stand to stick with this company when they time and time again show they're just like everyone else and care about the potential of making money over the actual needs of their employees.
I hate working like this; I have no energy to do things I want to do, I have no time to spend with the people I love. I hate that I have to wake up every day and be a cog in a broken, burning machine that puts resource into making problems worse to make more money, but won't invest any of it on real people. I'm tired of being at the mercy of decisions made by people that are seemingly COMPLETELY disconnected from reality. I want to garden, to nurture my neglected relationships, to live my fucking life more than this "wake up-work-sleep" type hell I'm stuck in. I'm beginning to realize I may never have the luxury to own my own property or raise a family due to people I have never met, and likely will never meet in person and it infuriates me to no end.
TL;DR I was hired on $10 an hour less than standard for my profession/my experience in the industry and still am not paid fairly, been working 15+ hours of overtime weekly bc they "aren't allowed" to hire more people to help with the workload, strong-armed into working during time granted off because "our client wants us to make it work", and I'm now being rushed to get experience for difficult inspection work solely bc the business is desperate for people and I'm the most experienced (which honestly is not as experienced as one should be given the work expected on a federal project that deserves more care than what it's getting) so it will be"quick and easy" to train me, not because the company actually wants to invest in me or my future.
Thanks for reading
PS I really fucking hate 5 over 1 architecture and I hope every single one of those apartment buildings is ripped down and banned forever because holy shit they're so fucking ugly and a shining example of housing exploitation.
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2022.01.25 16:57 swagNextTuber Michael Avenatti steps in to represent himself in his criminal trial, expected to cross-examine Stormy Daniels

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2022.01.25 16:57 ThatBigKahuna How can you tell if the problem is your attachment style or their attitude?

For the past couple of months I (29F) have been talking to this guy I met online (33M). An amazing, long conversation (though irregular as we are both quite busy).
We wanted to see if the alchemy was the same IRL so we went on a date about 2 weeks ago and it was somewhere between amazing and weird.
Though he said I was intimidating (dafuq?), he did say that he found me to be as interesting and attractive as he had pictured - and I thought the same of him. We talked all night and ended up having sex a few times - the conversation was great and though the sex was great too, I am pretty sure we both felt like we should’ve waited - but alas we were drunk and horny and it happened.
We laughed about it and talked about meeting again and doing it again but I could feel myself shutting off, and I had a feeling it was the same thing for him.
When I was about to leave, he said he wanted to see me again and soon- but to me it felt forced (not sure if I am projecting), it felt like he said it to be a good, decent guy but that he wanted me out of his flat and out of his life.
Since we met he takes longer to respond and blames it on work - though when he responds it’s with the type of really long and thoughtful messages he used to send prior to our date, and he said again that he wanted to see me - but he didn’t actually suggest any plans to meet. I can’t tell if he is slow-ghosting me or if my avoidant attachment style is making me look for reasons to distance myself out of fear of rejection. How can one tell for sure? I am tempted to block him just to stop overthinking.
I don’t want to ask him about the distance I am feeling, because I can’t fathom appearing needy or creating drama - and we didn’t even discuss “what we were doing” or what we were hoping would come out of “this” (FWB? LTR?), and now it feels either too late or too soon.
How do you know if someone is actually slow-ghosting you VS when your anxious avoidant attachment style is confusing you?
I have a tendency to cut people off before anything bad happens and I am not sure if I am doing it again here. It worked really well for me in the past (never got rejected or dumped, had great relationships overall as I was really selective), but i feel like I missed out on great relationships and I am trying to embrace vulnerability- but not to the point of being too dumb to notice when someone doesn’t give a F* about me or is full of sh*t hahaha pls send help
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2022.01.25 16:57 Attlon Back in my day [A.G Nonsuch]

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2022.01.25 16:57 BlackSwine possible design of the heavily mutated cultist from leaks will look like (below Abaddon)

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2022.01.25 16:57 InformationNo9320 Which Visual Novel Protagonist suffered the most throughout the story?

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2022.01.25 16:57 epicgaymerhq Trading my whole PSX inv for Robux (gonna be cheap and bulk)

Trading my whole PSX inv for Robux (gonna be cheap and bulk)
via shirt method pls
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2022.01.25 16:57 smartybrome Most Essential & Popular Excel Formulas And Functions - 2022

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2022.01.25 16:57 Communist_Mustache REPUBLIC DAY!!! FUCK YAH!!!

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2022.01.25 16:57 puranity Where do you hide your spare key?

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2022.01.25 16:57 haikuudontknow Check me

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2022.01.25 16:57 Morrissey_Is_My_God Tô feliz que o Olavo morreu

O cara era grosso, se achava o único cara certo de tudo, se dizia estudioso e filósofo mas simplesmente a verdade dele era a realidade certa, terraplanista, negacionista.. Darwin apenas fazendo seu trabalho.
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2022.01.25 16:57 honda125xl After getting laid off 12hrs before I was due to get back after the Xmas break. Feels good to be back under the hood!

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2022.01.25 16:57 ForPOTUS African History through the lens of Economics (free online course)

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2022.01.25 16:57 foreheadmans Interesting OG podcast

So. The CEO of OG said late last year that they have no plans of changing their roster and highlighted Aleksib's in game leading skills. (in this podcast )
BUT NOW in this recent podcast OG did with nexa, coach ruggah, ceo of og and notail, the CEO says that thye knew they needed a change :D (this
I'm sensing some salt here.
It's clear that the loss of Aleksi is a big deal for OG. I think this comment on the video says it all " Not them acting like G2 acquiring Aleksib was a good thing and "an exciting opportunity" for OG :D Your fanbase got at least 50% smaller and there are defenitely no guarantees that your team will become better. I don't know how any CEO could say that this is a good thing for the org. "After not qualifying to the major and Blast finals, we knew someting needed to happen." No, you said that no roster moves are taking place, actually. You weren't the one making moves - it was G2 and XTQZZZ. "
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2022.01.25 16:57 sanatelier 25 [m4f] (nyc/anywhere) hiya lovely human give this a read


  1. coding (mostly for work but i like to make random stuff too)
  2. piano (plus a lil composing)
  3. language learning (aka binge reading manga in japanese)
  4. gaming (mostly a crippling league addiction but sometimes osu / overwatch and chill games like minecraft / stardew / pokemon / zelda)
  5. reading
  6. traveling
i'd definitely describe myself as the indoorsy type (infj-a), but i also try to go outside of my comfort zone a lot. i'd say my biggest strength is definitely having a really warm and loving personality, and my biggest weakness is being slow to open up and really share my feels and passions, i'm probably like half and half light-hearted / teasing and emotional / cheesy. i usually have a lot of personal goals so i probably can't hang out every day, but i tend to be really talkative and my love language is quality time so it'd be super nice if we could talk a lot every day while we do our own things and then every few days we binge netflix or kdramas or youtube or a game or something
i don't mind sharing selfies but for now: white, wavy brown hair, hazel eyes, glasses, freckles, 6'1, average (flabby) build
my ideal person
you can be anyone from anywhere, but it's prob easiest to connect with someone with a big heart who's really warm and caring and supportive, and also someone with the time to meet up irl sometimes too! if any of that sounds cool and you wanna get to know each other, just send me an intro and your discord c:
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2022.01.25 16:57 SnooBananas5143 Vocaloid meme

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2022.01.25 16:57 CRYPTOCHRONOLITE My current stack, I think the Ben Franklin is my favorite so far

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