Black Lives Matter, but in the classroom?

2022.01.25 17:12 cut_that_meat Black Lives Matter, but in the classroom?

Does anyone else think it may be inappropriate for an Elementary school to encourage all Teachers and Staff to wear a Black Lives Matter shirt on a certain day to recognize Black History Month?
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2022.01.25 17:12 S0MITE1 Absolutely And Completely Destroyed Self-Esteem. I Don't Care About Myself. What Should I Do?

Hello everyone, not sure why I wanted to make a post here but I felt like it was a good idea for some reason.
I remember watching Dr.K's video on how gifted kids are special needs kids and I completely agree with him. I was also left to my own devices not knowing proper study habits and others around me set a ridiculously high expectation standard (I know they weren't intentionally doing so) as everyone around me viewed me as one of the smartest people in the grade. People expected that I would be one of the highest achievers along with several extremely talented and very intelligent students especially for the final exams, like the rankings you get so you can attend university in whatever course..whatever (I don't live in the US but I hope people understand what I'm on about, sorry).
**** Skip this section if you don't want to hear the life story part ****
I started falling off in 10th grade, had basically zero motivation to live or do anything and contemplated suicide plenty of times (I'm happier today and more willing to live so I guess that's a dub in some way). I also graduated school without a certificate of education and in my eyes that was a little bit like a "f--- you" to everybody who put those expectations on me and I was happy to prove everyone wrong, that they didn't know anything about me. But, at the same time also seeing this as a sad, disappointing outcome where I was the failure I've always known myself to be.
The following year after I graduated I instead went for a diploma instead of a bachelors; another one of the "f--- yous" to being a smart kid. I'd rather just do things at my own pace. This kinda does follow Dr.K's statement where you as the gifted child now shall take the long, scenic road and take things slowly. Surrounding myself with people that were just "normal" felt fantastic. I felt like I was on Earth again with real people in the real world. Only problem was at the end of the diploma I had one more course to complete and I got the same old treatment; failing because I didn't study. I tried doing this course three times and I failed all three of them. At this point I still haven't learn't how to discipline myself to do things properly and with responsibility. I didn't have any responsibility over myself because I didn't feel the want to take care of myself. I do dream of a better life and a happier state but I do not have the energy or strength to do that. At the time I didn't know why.
A year later I went on to start a bachelors at another university. I didn't complete the diploma but I tried to use what I learnt to gain some credit points in the new university. To cut things short, the university was late with the credit points and my full-time semester because a one-course semester. One course should've been easy but again, because I didn't study, I barely passed with a GPA of 4 (it was also a pity score because I actually had just under 50% and they bumped it up). Eventually I started doing my second year subjects but because of multiple complications doing these subjects never really took off. (((If anyone wants to hear about the two years of complications please write down below and I'll add to the story. I didn't really wanted to make this any longer)))
**** Life story ends here ****
Two years later and here I am still STARTING my second year subjects. It's been four years since I graduated high school. I can't bring myself to do new things or learn new things. I want to learn a language and I'm currently learning in university but I never study. I tried starting an online business and I haven't touched it since. I even wanted to make video content because that's what I loved doing. Even that I have to drag myself out of bed to go do it. Now I realise I basically have zero self-esteem and zero confidence with "work". Games are completely fine for me because I can perform "on the spot" and I'll do well. Literally no sweat. Talking to people and socialising? No problems there. I can also improvise very well and have fun with people and we laugh together. BUT, if it's ANYTHING in regards to projects or work or anything related to some thing that takes time to do, I just have zero energy to do it. I'd rather go into escapism in some game or YouTube videos to forget about my life and everything that's around me. I believe that I don't have anyone around me that supports what I do and I don't believe anyone really cares or ever cared. No one is behind me holding my shoulders. It's all just me and I have to do everything alone. I probably don't know what it's like to not feel lonely or alone because I've never really felt any situation where I had the support of another person. That might also be why I don't have any energy to do anything, because if no one else cares about my life, why should I?
If anyone has any thoughts, please do share. I would love to have a discussion with the HealthyGamersGG community. I really do enjoy talking to other people. I know it sounds depressing but being able to talk about anything makes me feel alive and human. I hope no one goes through what I've gone through, ever.
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2022.01.25 17:12 Choice-Refuse What are your #1 favorite BOTW episode?

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2022.01.25 17:12 DesertVol ♥️Marlon, the pub cat, Evil Twin NYC ♥️

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2022.01.25 17:12 Hidingfrommyself- My mom wants to “cure” my gender dysphoria

My mom is totally against my transition. And is very adamant about the fact I will not be taking hormone’s in her household. She keeps calling me her son and him and his. And it’s so frustrating because no matter what I’ll never be her daughter she’ll never accept me as her daughter and it’s breaking my heart as much as it is hers and there’s nothing either of us can do about it because neither of us are gonna change our mind about this. There’s a lot I’m gonna lose by transitioning but there’s more I’m gonna gain and I hope my mom finally sees that someday.
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2022.01.25 17:12 nabilmontana Internships before enrolling

This may be a silly question..but Can I apply to Internships if I haven't officially enrolled yet? Still Doing courses and finished all my gen EDs from Sophia. No real programming experience or projects as I'm still learning Java, but I'd love some experience with internships that accept freshmen.
Thanks so much
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2022.01.25 17:12 EscoCheesy Glock mag vs Endo-mag setup

I have my upper receiver built out already (minus charging handle) and now I’m getting started on the lower receiver.
My prior research led me to lean towards Glock mags based on the fact I have some already, but I’m seeing that the Endo-mag might be more reliable? And also doesn’t look like the gun skipped leg day lol.
Is there any reason to run one over the other ? Is one considerably more reliable than the other ?
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2022.01.25 17:12 KidheadKidboii Bev From Midnight Mass is the Reason I'm Athiest

I mean... not HER specifically. But the people who use the Bible to justify all of their actions, even the abhorrent ones, those people remind me why religion as a whole is a big ol slippery slope. Also there's no coming back from the fact that the God of the bible is an absolute jackweed.
The God of the Old Testament was killing men women and children because he was "jealous" but... all loving? Prophets were murdering children because the kids called them bald. The God of the New Testament was a total racist. "Save everyone 'cept for the gentiles cuz.... they don't deserve it" Right God.... gotcha *cough* DOUCHE *cough* look if you found "God" after you left mormonism more power to you. Doesn't change the fact that I think the representation of the God of the Bible is flawed as hell and it's easy to use the Bible to spin WHATEVER narrative you want. J-Smizzie did it and plenty other cult leaders have done it.....
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2022.01.25 17:12 psychologicallyfcked How do you maintain a monogamous relationship when your always sexually attracted to my favorite person?

I love my husband but i also pictured him as a sort of home base. This is because other people often become my favorite person and I end up spending all my time with them, obsessing over texting them/gets my heart fluttering, and ALWAYS end up wanting to have sex with them, although I never do.. After they stop being my favorite person or the relationship ends I always go back to my husband and am very happy with him.
However we are on a break rn bc I was never really sexually attracted to my husband and I told him I want to be non-monagomous bc its too hard to see him go through it every time I get a new favorite person. We almost broke up with my last one and now we are struggling again.
I am also struggling with the fact I feel like I'm selfish and just follow good feelings on a daily basis and have started not to care about others feelings. I don't know what to do. I'm so fucked up but I don't know how to stop or balance wanting to feel good things and also respect other people's boundaries. I used to bend over backwards for others and put them before me always. A few years ago I thought i needed to start doing things for myself, but now I feel like I keep disrespecting boundaries and hurting people's feelings. How do you understand what is a good balance of doing things for yourself and doing things for others?
Also monogamous with favorite people?
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2022.01.25 17:12 POD80 Rackham's Peak and HD 105341

Message to any carrier owners trying to get into the peak. There are empty carriers that can't plot out because of the traffic jam. This would flow better if some percentage would back off a bit and make room. There are billions to be had if we can get this traffic jam cleared up.
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2022.01.25 17:12 MrRogerSweaters Family photo posted on fb, let’s just say the thumb scared a lot of people.

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2022.01.25 17:12 whatfuckingeverdude ‘Brutal,’ ‘crazy’ housing market has Seattle-area homes selling half-million over asking price

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2022.01.25 17:12 MustacheDiaries Has anyone ordered Vestron Blu Rays from the Walmart website? Do they come with the slipcovers?

Trying to decide if I should roll the dice on a couple Vestrons I want from walmart but I (like most of us) want the slipcovers. Has anyone ordered them from the Walmart website? I see Maximum Overdrive is only $21 but I'm not sure what the odds are that it'll have a slipcover. I'm in the U.S.
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2022.01.25 17:12 MeowerHour My mom loves telling people the story about how she killed my Tamagotchi when I was a kid 😑 For Christmas, she got me a P1 rerelease and I’m happy to say, I have kept it alive well into adulthood. THANKS, mom.

My mom loves telling people the story about how she killed my Tamagotchi when I was a kid 😑 For Christmas, she got me a P1 rerelease and I’m happy to say, I have kept it alive well into adulthood. THANKS, mom. submitted by MeowerHour to tamagotchi [link] [comments]

2022.01.25 17:12 crytoloover Ancient Kingdom Metaverse Play to Earn Game [Research Report]

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2022.01.25 17:12 2dorks1brush My colourful Harlequin

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2022.01.25 17:12 butterflybbybre If you had a dream girl what would she look like? Me possibly!?!

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2022.01.25 17:12 saavi_gurl Adorable items to cat lovers. Who are in deep love with cats 💜️

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2022.01.25 17:12 Federal_Buy_9026 Cokilla (Folly/Moetown)🔒 disrespecting Doug (50 Strong) grave. He is also the one who killed him on 12/28/2011

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2022.01.25 17:12 backwoodsbutt Irritated or rejecting? (Info in comments)

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2022.01.25 17:12 Tuedal Any suggestions for interesting plants for a medical garden/ herb garden?

It's winter and to lighten my mood in the darkness and the icy rain, I'm planning my herb garden.
I have seven beds right now (2x4m) and plan the eighth bed.
Do you have any suggestions for interesting herbs? I use them in teas and for distilling hydrolat. But mostly, I look at them and love them.
I have good, but sandy garden soil that is on the acidic side and slightly dry. Northern climate with freezing temperatures down to -12 °C.
Inspiration would be greatly appreciated.
Plants that I have:
Rose the Resht (one of the few roses with flower petals that aren't bitter)
sage (various forms)
thyme (various forms)
lemon vervain
lemon balm
lion's tail
white horehound
various mints
alliums in every form
I have a poison corner, but I don't use the plants, I keep them out of interest (monkshood, foxglove)
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2022.01.25 17:12 Akryn NVMe M.2 SSD vs HDD for Low Noise Media Storage

I've been trying to decide on which I should buy and I'm looking for people's opinions to help me do so.
I'm pretty sure my current HDD is dying because it often vibrates heavily causing my whole case to vibrate with it, even when using noise dampening parts. I am almost certain it is the HDD because I have had it unplugged the past few days and haven't heard the virbation noise during this time. I've had it since 2011 so I'm more than happy to replace it since this is the 3rd build it has been in. I use it for general storage, mostly media and it's where all my big downloads go to with large files being written to it often.
My options are:

They are roughly the same price and I'm fine paying for either one. What I do care about is, in descending order of priority:
  1. Noise. I want it to be as quiet as possible.
  2. Endurance. I don't want it to die within a couple of years.
  3. Capacity. More sotrage is always nice.
While it's obvious that the NVMe will be quieter and the HDD has more capacity, there are a few things I'm unsure about since I started researching which one I should get:
a. Will having a 2nd NVMe drive slow down my main one? I've even read comments saying it could cause the GPU to slow as well although that was often contested. I have an ASUS TUF Gaming X570-Plus (WI-Fi) and I couldn't find anything on the website or in the manual that mentioned recuded/restricted PCIe lanes when using the 2nd M.2 slot.
b. (2) in detail: Will using the NVMe drive in the way I intend to reduce it's life span or lower its performance? The spec sheet says it has an endurance of 600TBW with a warranty of 5 years which is just over 300GB per day, which I rarely expect to hit, if ever. However, ignoring the spec sheet, has anyone had any experience of NVMe SSDs or SSDs in general wearing out quicker?
c. How loud is the HDD? I've forgotten how loud new ones are.
I'm currently leaning towards the NVMe M.2 SSD since it guarantees silence, I'm just worried about its endurance and the potential performance hit on the rest of my PC.
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2022.01.25 17:12 BearPrize5369 Can some noble soul feed her? Will cum tribute and degrade her for you

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2022.01.25 17:12 Pupulikjan Dedication and consistency

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2022.01.25 17:12 Lilman000009 Looking for shiny battle ready pokemon besides breloom gilscor and infernape

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