Meaning of lowercase lambda λ

lambda effectively creates an inline function. For example, you can rewrite this example: max(gs_clf.grid_scores_, key=lambda x: x[1]) Using a named function: def element_1(x): return x[1] max(gs_clf.grid_scores_, key=element_1) The use of lambda creates an anonymous function (which is callable). In the case of sorted the callable only takes one parameters. Python's lambda is pretty simple. It can only do and return one thing really. The syntax of lambda is the word lambda followed by the list of parameter names then a single block of code. The parameter list and code ... Greek definition, of or relating to Greece, the Greeks, or their language. See more. explicate definition: 1. to explain something in detail, especially a piece of writing or an idea: 2. to explain…. Learn more. Similar to a lambda architecture's speed layer, all event processing is performed on the input stream and persisted as a real-time view. If you need to recompute the entire data set (equivalent to what the batch layer does in lambda), you simply replay the stream, typically using parallelism to complete the computation in a timely fashion. Posit definition, to place, put, or set. See more. Formal semantics seeks to identify domain-specific mental operations which speakers perform when they compute a sentence's meaning on the basis of its syntactic structure. Theories of formal semantics are typically floated on top of theories of syntax such as generative syntax or combinatory categorial grammar and provide a model theory based on mathematical tools such as typed lambda calculi. constraint definition: 1. something that controls what you do by keeping you within particular limits: 2. unnatural…. Learn more. The spike protein is the surface protein on this virus, and is very antigenic, meaning that it’s the primary target for immune recognition by our system. The sequence that’s deleted in this Lambda variant corresponds to the region of the spike protein responsible for this immune recognition by our system. C++11 is a version of the ISO/IEC 14882 standard for the C++ programming language. C++11 replaced the prior version of the C++ standard, called C++03, and was later replaced by C++14.The name follows the tradition of naming language versions by the publication year of the specification, though it was formerly named C++0x because it was expected to be published before 2010.

2021.12.08 05:45 Tough_Apricot23 Meaning of lowercase lambda λ

My co-worker is Greek and he told me that the lower case lambda λ has a negative meaning, but would not tell me what it was. What does it mean?
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2021.12.08 05:45 Sad_Human_26 Shinobu Kochō

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2021.12.08 05:45 3dPrintingRealms Currently available to Download STL files for PATRONS .

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2021.12.08 05:45 skittlepiddle confusion about me using neos

hi! heads up before i even start the rest of this, i use xe/they probouns and am supportive of xenopronouns as well as neos (obviously lol i use them)
anyways! how do xeno/neos… work? not as in the actual way to use them, but how do i “collect” them like some people say.
like when i decided to use xe/xem/xyr and they/them, it felt like an emotional connection and significant. like i was drawn to them and had to use them, yknow?
is it that way with pronouns such as doll/dollself? like i HAVE to feel attached to it as u would ‘normal’ pronouns, or is it like “haha i like the word moss so i wanna go by moss/mossself” (im actually thinking of going by these lol, that’s not me picking on those who use moss pronouns)
i’ve asked others and nobody seems to respond. i don’t want to use my own pronouns wrong and invalidate other xeno/neopronoun users.
is someone able to explain why they use pronouns like fauna/fauna self or other “noun” pronouns?
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2021.12.08 05:45 _miko666 Can you defend yourself?

I am confused about how to defend yourself in canada. Say if you know there are people to likely kick in your door with guns and come after you yet you have no proof of this and cannot leave the immediate area. Can you have a gun and kill someone that has kicked in your door but hasnt yet attacked? Will you be in trouble with the law even though the gun is licensed.
For the record i am not in this situation but idk how else to phrase this to get a clear answer. Can you prepare to defend yourself incase you do need to use violence to survive a random attack
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2021.12.08 05:45 d-k-t Flowering Cactus at Sunset - X-T200 + 7artisans 60mm Macro (Mk I)

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2021.12.08 05:45 MrAvocadoes Q: 2020 KTM Duke 200

I recently finished the break-in period and wondering why I can’t enable “Supermoto” ABS mode (turn off rear wheel abs so u can skid). Ive tried it with idling, engine off, in gear etc with no luck. Manual says to hold set button until mode changes but it stays in road mode. Dealer didn’t even know it existed… Anyone else’s 200 dukes have a working “Supermoto” mode? Any help would be appreciated 🤘🏻
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2021.12.08 05:45 MadlockUK The Conti Cup Group Table after our Draw and Penalty Points on Sunday against Man United

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2021.12.08 05:45 pleasedontfollowm3-5 Audrey Bradford

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2021.12.08 05:45 DaddysKitten4270 🌕 Orbit Token 🚨 The FIRST MOON MetaVerse Token! 📝 | ✅ CMC & Coin Gecko ✅ | 📝 Ownership Renounced 📝 | 🔒 LP Locked 1 Year 🔒 | ⭐ ONLY $1m MC ⭐

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2021.12.08 05:45 Independent-Echo7607 Been a week since contact.

Since confronting mum and step dad about their disgusting behaviour, I haven't got any messages or calls for a week now. I just notice that normally I'd receive a text here and there acting like things are normal. But since literally naming and calling out specific behaviours, mum hasn't been in touch since I told her to enjoy her perverted husband. It's as if now that I've named their abuse for what it is/was, they are slinking off like the snakes that they are.
I remember when I'd visit and bring my daughter, she would actually cry! She wasn't excited to see them and got afraid. I use to just think that it could have been because we would hardly see them as often or their approach to her. Maybe my child was picking up on other things she didn't like about them.
I've been reflecting on my childhood and the wounds my n mum inflicted on me. I remember one time she was having a yelling session to herself and told the old lady next door to slit her wrists. And that's what happened. It was because the neighbour actually cared about me to get me a sweet necklace and card. Our walls were joined and this poor old lady could hear everything - loud music, arguments, my mum's incessant yelling, ranting and whatever else. It was horrible. I also remember a time where I stayed with some friends up the street from us for a while because I was fed up with my mum's behaviour. She came to their house and started going on about how I'm her child etc etc. I came out and she was practically yelling at me and I spoke back and she shoved my head back into a wooden post. I started crying. I felt scared and alone. I was running home, couldn't see properly because of how I was crying with my hands covering my face. A lady across the road was calling out to me but I ignored her. I almost wish now that I went there so I'd at least have some help. I would have been about between 10-12 at the time. I got home and I remember sitting on my bed sobbing and wishing I wasn't born. I was so confused about how this woman whom is meant to be my mum would treat me like she did. She treated me like a possession, not an actual person with emotions. I remember another time she started arguing with me at night when I was walking out of my room. I don't remember specifically how it started but she chased me around the table and at some point yanked my hair. I tried kicking her in defence.
When she would be physically and verbally abusive, the next day she would leave me notes before school asking if I still loved her with boxes to tick and if I'd like Mc Donald's for lunch or whatever. It was ridiculous. I'd always say no and no I think. Or yes to Macca's because f**K her, that food was better than her half cooked food because she was too wasted to cook. She would bring me in food to school for lunch, act sorry and like she loved me. One time she bought a Barbie doll in for me, in front of everyone. I wasn't happy. I must have looked ungrateful but underneath was my resentment for how she was acting towards me. It's like she would try buying me off. But each time I was confused because she was never going to change.
These are the types of memories I have of growing up with her. And now that I made it known that I refuse to be responsible for her happiness, it's like she's just given up because admitting the truth is too hard. She would rather miss out on me and her grandkids all over her dumbass gambling pervert husband. She's got more control over her life than people make her out to be. She's not completely defenseless like people believe. The husband might be a bit controlling but she knows how to speak up. She certainly speaks up to me and made it clear that "I'm no angel" for daring to point out behaviours that I no longer care to put up with or be caught in the middle of.
The guilt is slowly subsiding when I remind myself that I was the child and she was supposed to be my grown up mother. She abandoned me on nearly every level possible.
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2021.12.08 05:45 kamdere How important are constellations for Sukokomon?

I found out about sukokomon, it seems strong and fun to play so i wanted to try it. Is it worth investing in if my xiangling is c3 (fully built) and sucrose is c2 (lvl 20, +never farmed vv set)? Are there any necessary constellations?
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2021.12.08 05:45 GrimmestHeart Want to relearn cursive

Hi folks! I (21F) want to relearn how to write in cursive. They dropped it from official curriculum around 2006, and I only learned a bit in grade 5.
Now I’m 21, and while I can kind of read cursive, I can’t actually write it.
Any ideas or tips on where or how to start? Do I need a certain type of pen?
Any advice is welcome, so long as it’s polite! Thanks!
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2021.12.08 05:45 dekanooo Reshiram 1553 5538 4216

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2021.12.08 05:45 coljavskiyi ✨ GoofyDoge ⚡ | Just Launched ⭐ | $DOGE Rewards✊| Rapidly Growing Community! ❇️ | Anti Whale (2% Max Wallet) ⚜️ | Massive Marketing Push Today! ⚕️

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2021.12.08 05:45 soul-scaper Ah yes Republican communist gang

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2021.12.08 05:45 BlinaXx What are good sources for Drama in TEFL?

Hi :) I’m looking for articles that talk about/ present drama methods that you can use in the TEFL classroom. Any links to newspapers/websites/books etc. are welcome. Thank you guys :))
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2021.12.08 05:45 anondambit So when does the next expedition start? Google says the 8th, but im assuming it won't start until later in the day instead of just at midnight

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2021.12.08 05:45 endoftheyeargiveaway Hey, One of my friends recommended me these websites to try out and win some cool, free stuff. Have you ever won anything from them? You join for free, just with your email, so I think it’s worth a shot but not sure if they work. Anybody interested, here id the link:

Hey, One of my friends recommended me these websites to try out and win some cool, free stuff. Have you ever won anything from them? You join for free, just with your email, so I think it’s worth a shot but not sure if they work. Anybody interested, here id the link: submitted by endoftheyeargiveaway to giveaways [link] [comments]

2021.12.08 05:45 GhostofKennyRogers1 Got a great job offer today. Found out about prescreen drug test after the fact. No way I will be clean in time. Going the Quick Fix 6.3 route. Help me stop freaking out?

I’ve run tests and got the temperature down. 15-20 seconds in microwave. Let it sit till it comes down to 100 degrees. Strap heat pad to it. Two pairs of underwear. Put underneath my balls. Was able to maintain temp for over an hour. Any advice or experiences would be greatly appreciated.
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2021.12.08 05:45 Any-Inspection-4726 There may be aliens but we(Humans) COULD be the most advanced and powerful of them all and are scared for no reason.

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2021.12.08 05:45 yaarpanjabi Bartender alternative

So a few months ago I downloaded an app that served the same purpose as bartender (hiding menubar icons that you don't have immediate use for) except it had one feature that I can't find in any alternatives:
It hid menubar icons by default and in order to show them, all you needed to do was hover your cursor over the menubar. Call me lazy but that one click it saved and the fact that there was no icon on the menubar was super cool.
I lost the app after selling my Mac.
Does anyone have a clue as to what it could be? I've tried Vanilla and Hidden Bar but they're not it.
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2021.12.08 05:45 blossomthebeast Reshiram raid now, need help

Let's be friends in Pokémon GO! My Trainer Code is 9023 0346 7895!
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2021.12.08 05:45 thebeeq Apps randomly open in background after iOS 15 update

Hi, I got slightly annoying issue with my iPhone 12 Pro Max after iOS 15 update.
When I open some apps (from home screen folder) they open and flashes for like 0.1 seconds and then I'm back at home screen. When I check all apps that are open then I can see that the app that I just opened and I can bring it to front, and then it works just fine.. but this "extra step" happens very often and restarting the device doesn't resolve it.
I tried googling around this a lot before, but haven't found anyone else having this similar issue, so must be some rare case maybe ?
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2021.12.08 05:45 tomsmiththrowaway10 Tania Sachdev

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